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hardcandy_icon's Journal

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HardCandy_icon is the shared community of Lithium, Disassociated and TropicalPara18. We never claim to have the best icons, but what you get is what you get. We try to provide icons that are original and yet just our style. We each have our own style of doing icons. A lot of icons can be texted if they are blank, each of us has our own set of rules for that. We do have some standard rules however for using our icons and graphics.
Credit is a must. Please credit properly in the userpics section. Credit the creator or hardcandy_icon please.
You may not redistribute our icons. Nominations in contest are more then welcome, just please comment and let us know, otherwise they may not be reposted in any other community unless we allow you too. They are already posted here, so if you would like someone to see them, please direct them here. Also, please do not claim that you made any of the icons.
Direct Linking our icons is a big NO. Don't do it. Most of the icons are hosted on SinfulTragedies own webspace, don't eat her bandwidth.
Comment when you take an icon, or if you have opinions. It's the polite thing to do.
Make suggestions of things you want to see!
We don't take request unless a post is made concerning the issue, please don't ask. Just don't.
This rules list is subject to change.

Fandoms/Other stuff
Each maker has their own style, and their own fandoms that they like to do icons from. Here's the basic breakdown. The bolded subjects are what they are stuck to like glue.
SinfulTragedies: supernatural, star wars, hayden christensen, jensen ackles, dark angel, Queer as Folk, the L word, the covenant, horror movies, and a lot of random stuff.
Fierypit: supernatural, supernatural, supernatural, supernatural, supernatural. Need we say more?
TropicalPara18: coming soon

Credits: here
Tags: here
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

Stylesheet by refuted